Arcana item for Earthshaker
Unlock Planetfall at Level 365
Ele que já foi o próprio espírito da terra agora se fundiu com um fragmento de outro planeta.
Flooded with distant memories of a shattered land, Earthshaker has already encountered one interstellar traveler—defeated at great cost—that had sought to eradicate the reborn power of the world awakening inside him, and he senses more dark forces will soon arrive intent on completing the task. For the first time in his life, he feels a longing to look towards the heavens, to somehow understand the apocalyptic end that found his sister earth...and do whatever it takes to avenge her passing.
Show Your Strength
Chain abilities against your enemies in a short period of time to increase the combo counter, which is displayed only when the Arcana is equipped. Once your combo ends, you'll see the total damage dealt throughout the shakedown, and your personal best records for damage and combo count are inscribed on the item itself.
Unlockable Second Style
Declínio Ardente
Unbound from this land, the Earthshaker glows from atmospheric descent
Obtenha 500 vítimas ou assistências com a Batida Ecoante para destravar o estilo alternativo Declínio Ardente, contando com um novo tema de cores para os efeitos da habilidade ultimate.
Judgement of the Fallen
Earthshaker’s Judgement of the Fallen Immortal totem from this year's Battle Pass now features an additional style that causes it to take on the same arcane color signatures as the style selected on the Arcana item.
Arcana Includes:
All-new Model and Pedestal
Earthshaker's model and loadout pedestal have been redesigned from the earth up, reflecting the celestial gifts he has received, and the toll such bestowal required.
Custom Animations & Effects
Features all-new animations, combo counter, new Echo Slam effects, a custom death effect for heroes killed by Echo Slam, new ambient effects, enhanced Aghanim's Echant Totem effects, custom Blink Dagger effect, and a custom stun effect.
Personalizações do herói
Inclui novas artes para o retrato do herói, ícones de habilidades e ícone do minimapa para ambos os estilos.
500+ novas falas exclusivas do Arcano
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Custom Blink Dagger Icon
Unlockable Second Style
Obtenha 500 vítimas ou assistências com a Batida Ecoante para destravar o estilo alternativo Declínio Ardente.
Unlock Planetfall at Level 365