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Ticketing FAQ
Can I buy a ticket to the International?
The International is sold out. Check Dota2.com for details on how to stream the entire event from within the game or via one of our streaming partners.
I bought a ticket, how do i pick up my badge?
People who received a VIP upgrade have been notified via e-mail. Domestic VIPs will receive their badge via US Mail and International customers will pick up their badges at will call at KeyArena at the hours listed below.
United States Orders (VIP and General Admission)
Badges will be mailed to the shipping address given to Ticketmaster at time of purchase. They will be mailed on July 20th and should arrive between July 22nd and July 27th.
International Orders (VIP and General Admission)
Will Call for all orders outside of the United States will be available for pick up on the east side of KeyArena the following dates and times. Please have a government issued ID with you for pick up.
What if I do not receive my badge in the mail?
Nếu bạn không nhận huy hiệu của mình của thư, vui lòng đến khu vực Will Call của chúng tôi tại cánh Đông của KeyArena, trong các giờ như bên dưới. Chúng tôi có thể tra thông tin vé của bạn và cấp một huy hiệu thay thế tại đó. Vui lòng mang theo chứng thực nhân dạng cấp bởi chính phủ để nhận huy hiệu.
How do I link my badge to my Steam account?
You can link your badge to your Steam account ở đây. Additional information on linking your badge can be found in our Hỏi đáp liên kết huy hiệu.
Key Arena Will Call Hours
Fri, Jul 31st – 9am to 6pm
Sat, Aug 1st – 9am to 6pm
Sun, Aug 2nd – 9am to 6pm
Mon, Aug 3rd – 7am to 9pm
Tue, Aug 4th – 8am to 9pm
Wed, Aug 5th – 8am to 9pm
Thu, Aug 6th – 8am to 9pm
Fri, Aug 7th – 8am to 9pm
Sat, Aug 8th – 8am to 6pm

Key Arena Address
305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA 98109