Dota 2 welcomes its most notoriously explosive personalities: Techies. Now every forest trail, every escape route, and every creep camp can become your most devilish trap. Of course, if your foe steps lightly (or has a Gem of True Sight, or upgraded their Necronomicon) they might dodge your well-placed mines, avoid your ensnaring stasis traps, and sidestep your hidden remote explosives. But even when they're finally face-to-face with the giggling trio, they'll still need to contend with your deadly suicide detonation. When Techies are around, nowhere is safe!

LAND MINES – Place an invisible bomb that automatically explodes when an enemy steps near.

STASIS TRAP – Set a hidden trap to stun your foes.

SUICIDE SQUAD, ATTACK! – Sacrifice yourself for the greater good, inflicting massive damage to nearby enemies.

REMOTE MINES & FOCUSED DETONATE – Place stealthy remote explosives in strategic locations then, when the time is right, use Focused Detonate to set them off.


Purchase by SEPTEMBER 30th to receive an 'EXALTED' quality on this set

Techies Demolitions proudly unveiled their latest commission: The Swine, the most powerful cannon ever designed. Yet during its first frantic use aboard a homebound galley, the Swine's awesome blast tore its host ship asunder, rocketing the cannon itself backwards toward the shore. It was found days later, deeply embedded in a rocky cliffside just below its makers' workshop.

Complete 5-Piece Item Set
Effects tinted by Prismatic Gem
Custom Hero, Minimap and Spell Icons
Custom Minefield Sign
Custom Portrait
Inscribed Gems for all four abilities
Custom animations, effects and sounds
Mine Victims see Mini-taunt
Swine Sappers Loading Screen
Animated Chat Emoticon


A trio of dynamite commentators, a rocket-strapped courier in a greevil costume, and a HUD skin covered in explosives. What do they have in common? They're all part of Techies' Bombastic Box! Peek inside Techies' Bombastic Box to find the new Techies Announcer, as well as a Nilbog the Mad Courier and the Detonation HUD Skin.



It's a fight to the death with an ever-evolving lineup! Each player begins the match with a random hero, and becomes a new hero after every death. But don't wait for your favorite fighter to come along: each team may only lose 40 heroes before their players will cease to respawn. If a team loses all 40 of their heroes, or their Ancient falls, the match is over. Ready to fight what you can't predict?


Introducing the Gallery of Triumphs! Now whenever you accomplish certain feats or complete challenges in Dota 2, you'll be awarded a trophy you can show off in your Dota profile. Did you conquer your Fantasy Dota League? Earn a trophy. Finished the Ten Hero Challenge from The International Compendium? Earn a trophy. Of course, that's not all. There are several trophies ready to be earned, with more on the way!


Do you have what it takes to win a match with every hero? Prove it! Open your Dota profile to begin the All-Hero Challenge and be assigned a random warrior to take on the road to victory. Claim glory, and then move on to the next. Each hero challenge shows you the average number of matches it took for all players worldwide to win with that hero, and to complete the entire All-Hero Challenge, so you'll know how you stack up. Finish the All-Hero Challenge to earn a new trophy to display in your Gallery.




The game hasn't even begun, but already victory seems certain. Equip the Assured Victory Shout in the Action Item slot in the Global Items section of your Loadout and, before the horn sounds and the battle begins, tell the world that this match is in the bag. If your prediction is right and victory comes your way, you'll earn one point for your Victory Prediction gem. If you're wrong, it resets to zero. Predict correctly to earn enough points, and you'll find a new trophy for your Gallery.


It's one thing to face an enemy. It's quite another to face Techies. If you purchased this year's Compendium for The International, you'll be granted a special taunt for the troublesome trio. Once equipped, you're a button press away from laughing at your enemies. Want to rub it in even further? Each time you kill a foe, they'll get a special view of Techies' giggling faces.


The enemy flees while one, two, three heroes fall before you. Triple Kill! Those who purchased this year's Compendium for The International will be able to enjoy a new type of multi-kill banner effect that celebrates their most deadly plays. Equip the Battle Glory Kill Banner in the Custom Kill Banner slot in the Global Items section of your Loadout, and then see your screen shine as you fight your way to a Rampage!


Hearing the right song at the right moment can often turn the tide of battle. Owners of this year's Compendium for The International will have access to epic new music composed by award-winning artist Chance Thomas. Once you equip The International 2014 Music Pack in your Music slot in the Global Items section of your Loadout, you'll be ready to ride off into glorious battle!

For a look behind the scenes at the making of The International 2014 Music Pack, check out this video



  • Removed waiting for spectators in private lobbies


  • Increased low-priority ban rate for players who receive high numbers of reports


  • Added many new loading screen tips
  • Fixed and adjusted several tooltips and ability descriptions
  • Alt-clicking on an item in an enemy hero's inventory now informs your teammates that the enemy has that item
  • Alt-clicking on the buyback button or your gold will notify your team of your current buyback status
  • Items may now be dropped from the stash while dead
  • Fixed replay highlight reel transition graphic getting stuck on sometimes
  • Fixed a bug in the Coach UI where the help text sometimes overlapped the student checkboxes, rendering them unusable


  • Players can no longer drop or take other players' unsharable items on the courier
  • Players can no longer store other players' unsharable items in their stash
  • Items on heroes controlled by players who have disconnected, but not yet abandoned, can no longer be dropped from their inventories
  • Fixed a case where picking up an item owned by another player triggered an item combine, using items from the owning player's stash. If the item was owned by an enemy player, this would combine and steal the whole item.


  • Side towers are now always Invulnerable


  • Added new Bot AI for Riki
  • Added new Bot AI for Pudge
  • Added new Bot AI for Axe
  • Bots in solo bot matches will wear your equipped cosmetics


  • Increased the size of the importer preview
  • Added particle system attachment point editing as part of the submission process for certain wearable items (like Drow Ranger's bow)
  • Fixed a bug where sub model pages weren't being flipped back to the first page when opening a model that only needed the first page
  • Fixed the attachment list not being initialized properly, which was leading to the default selection being blank
  • Fixed a bug where lighting in the preview would darken after the portrait editor was opened
  • Updated text to make it clearer that model budgets are in triangles, not polygons


  • Several new features for Third Party compendiums. Documentation at https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dota2_Compendium_Scriptfiles
  • Fixed test_local_compendium not precaching images the way the download path did, which resulted in subtle differences in some cases.
  • Fixed compendium video elements not working if they weren't using the legacy element path.