Misery piled on misery! As the cold closed in, how we looked forward to Frostivus. Instead we get The Greeviling! The shops have been plundered, our gifts ripped open, our precious items scattered through the woods by a dire tide of Greevils! What caused this swarming chaos? Who hatched all those Greevil eggs? Who can we blame for burying us in this horde of mischievous imps? What's that you say? It's our own damn fault?

It's our own damn fault?

         They're everywhere! All through the woods, giftsnatching Greevils are enjoying our gifts in their foul dens. They will only surrender them by force! Should you face these wild Greevils, be sure you bring your own well-behaved Greevils along. And when the going gets tough, blow your whistle and call your Greevil! He will put you somewhere safe (we're not exactly sure where) and take matters into his own grubby claws!

For lo, The Greeviling is a time of endless carnage, when the Greevils run riot and the snows are stained red. Even so, it's not without its pleasures. Every wild Greevil whose trove you plunder will spit up a gift for friend and foe alike! (You will want to wipe it off, as it has been in a Greevil's gullet.) You might not get what you asked for, but isn't giving more rewarding than receiving? Would someone please explain this to the Greevils?!

         If for some reason you haven't had your fill of the pestiferous creatures, unhatched Greevil eggs are available and ready to be imbued with the magical essences that make these creatures such a pain in the--I mean, such a wonder to behold!

         While Frostivus must wait til next year, this is the perfect time to celebrate The Greeviling with gifts galore. The Dota 2 store is stocked with new marvels beyond the reach of greedy Greevils--such as the winning entries of the Polycount Contest.