DOTA 2 特級錦標賽註冊
Use this site either as a team manager to administer player invites and/or remove them, or as a player to review and accept an invitation, or leave a team. Once a player has accepted an invitation to a team, they are locked to that team, meaning they cannot be removed.

You can also look up the current roster status of a team or see the latest notable accepted invitations.
註冊什麼時候開始? Updated!
The drop period is currently open until May 16th at 00:00PST. After that period you won't be able to remove players from your team anymore, but you'll be able to add new players to your team to a maximum of five. Players in teams that haven't confirmed participation by May 16th at 00:00PST will be dropped automatically.
陣容名單什麼時候會被鎖定? Updated!
Rosters will be locked May 24th 00:00 PST, and will remain locked until after The International 2017.
您的戰隊將從上一個賽季季保存下來,但您必須在隊員下放期結束前確認您戰隊的參與。您可以在「管理戰隊」的選項中進行操作。未確認參與的戰隊之全體隊員會在下放期結束時被全部移除。在第一階段 - 下放階段 - 您可以自您的戰隊中移除球員。下放期結束後,您將可以邀請選手加入您的團隊,直到您有一個填滿五名選手的完整隊員名單。
How does a player become locked to a team?
First, the administrator of a team issues invites to players. Then these players can review their invites and choose to accept one of them. Once they’ve done so, the player is a confirmed member of that team and is locked to that roster until the drop phase of the next trade period.
While a player is locked to a team, the team cannot kick the player, and the player cannot leave the team.
Yes, but only if the player has not accepted it yet. Once a player accepts an invitation, the player cannot be removed from the team.
Yes, but they may only accept one of those invites.
Are there substitute players?
Subs are no longer registered in the roster lock period. Teams that qualify for The International will be able to issue a Substitute Player invite to any one player not participating in The International once the qualifiers for The International are done. If they so choose, any main player from a team with a sub can then yield their spot to the team's sub by clicking on the 'Switch to Sub' button in the 'My team' tab.
Yes, any available player can be added.
Making changes to your roster will cause your team to no longer be eligible to receive a direct invitation to either The International 2017 or the Regional Qualifiers. Your team may still register and participate in the Open Qualifiers.
What if we need to change sponsors or join a team organization?
We have no restrictions on what organization or sponsor the team is part of. Those decisions are determined by the arrangement between the players and the organization. The roster lock date only imposes the requirement that the registered set of players remain together.
What happens to pending invites after the lock date?
At that time, all pending invites will be canceled.
Do we need to update our in-client teams before the deadline as well?
No, we will update the in-client teams to match the registration list.
What information is publicly visible?
Invites are private, and can only be seen by the inviter and invitee. Once a player has locked to a team, that lock is made public. If a team removes a player or a player leaves a team, that information is also public.